December 01, 2016

Thanks to an influx of gorgeous patterns and well-designed graphic prints, wallpaper is once again a great way to implement style and color in your home!  We recommend using wallpaper in small doses, such as one living room wall, office space or child's room — a fun way to add some flash without defining the whole style of your home.  Here are some exciting wallpaper styles we offer, guaranteed to inspire…

This high contrast graphic wallpaper pattern is modern yet classic. The results: a living room that lets you feel that you are in a woods full of style and glamour!

kids wallpaper,stars wallpaper,the alley exchange

The repetitive layout of these golden stars on blue gives this kid-friendly wallpaper a sophisticated vibe.

flamingo wallpaper,the alley exchange

This contemporary wallpaper print adds just the right amount of color to this fresh and lighthearted design. The whimsical retro yet modern flamingos are welcoming and cheerful!

Bold, fresh, and dramatic, this metallic gold honey bee graphic brings a modern pop of flash and pattern to this sitting room. 

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